Clean Boating in New Jersey

Shrink Wrap "Plus" Recycling Program

Recycling Shrink Wrap and Collection Locations

Clean Boating Tip Sheets

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Barnegat Bay

Barnegat Bay Action Plan

Action Item #10 - Reduce Water Craft Impacts

Poster of Ecologically Sensitive Areas and Green Boating Tips

Clean Ocean Action

10 Tips for Boaters

"Birding for Boaters"

Birding for Boaters is a water-proof pocket guide that features common species along coastal New Jersey.

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New Jersey Boater's Pumpout Guide
The New Jersey Boater's Pumpout Guide is an official map of all known New Jersey marinas with vessel pumpout facilities. Click Here for The New Jersey Boater's Pumpout Guide.

Clean Vessel Act Program

Boater's Guide to Barnegat Bay

The Boater’s Guide (Map) to Barnegat Bay and Little Harbor Egg Harbor is an environmental guide that promotes positive actions and behaviors that safeguard the living resources of Barnegat Bay. The guide identifies special areas such as sea grass beds, bird nesting sites, and other sensitive near-shore habitats that boaters and personal watercraft users should be aware of.

The guide contains information on marine weather frequencies, endangered animals, submerged vegetation beds, environmentally sensitive areas, sewage pump out stations, park & wildlife refuges, public boat ramps, diamondback terrapins, birds of the bay, clean boating tips, where to report environmental problems, boating safety and the fish most frequently found in the bay and a list of New Jersey Clean Marinas.

The guide also includes a detailed resource directory of important phone numbers.

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New Jersey Clean Marina Program

This program encourages marina owners, yacht clubs, boatyards and boaters to adopt practices that help prevent adverse impacts to water quality, sensitive habitats and living resources in proximity to marinas.

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New Jersey Pledged and Certified Clean Marinas