Boating is Alive & Well in New Jersey.

Boating is one of those pastimes that can be postponed but never completely abandoned. Long-time boaters will tell you there’s
something very special about being on the water. It’s a pastime
that can be as peaceful or exhilarating as one chooses. It’s also
a pastime that becomes part of your very being – part of one’s
psyche. This season, more so than any time in our recent past,
reinforces the fact that the boating lifestyle is alive and well in
New Jersey, in spite of nature’s best effort to preclude our season.

Christie Administration Announces Successful Completion
Of Post-Sandy Waterway Debris Removal

The unprecedented clean-up of New Jersey waterways following Superstorm Sandy, which resulted in the systematic removal of
more than 101,000 cubic yards of debris from storm-impacted
tidal waters, is officially coming to a close, the Christie
Administration announced.

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)
has notified impacted municipalities that all waterway debris
removal performed by three state-hired contractors for this
effort will cease on October 30.

"The success of this massive project is the result of a true team
effort involving not just the DEP, but the hard work of our contractors,
our sister state agencies, the federal government and local and
county governments," said DEP Commissioner Bob Martin. "With
this enormous effort, we were able to clear debris from bays, inlets, wetlands and the ocean."

While debris removal is ending, sediment removal from state waters
will continue through the fall. To date, more than 360,000 cubic yards
of identified Sandy-related sediment has been removed from marinas, lagoons and back-bays.

In addition, the state Department of Transportation is developing a
separate plan to dredge state channels, some of which suffered
impact from Superstorm Sandy.

To read the full release, click here.

For more information on the DEP's Sandy recovery efforts and waterway debris removal visit: or

View waterway conditions at your convenience

Our on-water team of videographers will be documenting conditions throughout the state's navigable waterways. Uploads of new video and images will allow you to view your favorite boating areas as they currently exist. To view videos, click here.

"We're open...and so are New Jersey's Waterways"

That's the message we will be stressing as the boating season nears. Just as the state's marine recreational businesses have worked hard to ensure their customers would have a boating season, the State's Departments of Environmental Protection and Transportation have been equally commited to locating and removing the storm-related debris from New Jersey's waterways. Read More...

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